The Ties that Bind…..

So any thoughts of commencing the next 21 day challenge today ended by early morning TXT…. Sick little girl means I am putting the daddy hat back on earlier… That was a short break, actually with the markets it was no break at all… No matter not really something you can say no to, is it?

So Making food from scratch, as I keep no food in the house when kids are with their mum…. and entertaining a noted 6-year-old… it was probably in the job description, but I never read the fine print…

So pretty much the entirety of my other (non-daddy) achievements for the day are, stacking the dishwasher and rolling and taking a photo of some old horse straps…. For those not in the know they are thick leather belts big enough to go around a horse, with cool old buckles and hand-made copper rivets….

Not entirely sure what they will get used for… strapping up old whores?  Repurposing idea’s by shifting a few letters, is that lateral thinking, or lazy punning?

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2 thoughts on “The Ties that Bind…..

  1. Adina says:

    Weave them tightly and attach them to the frame of an old chair. Instant leather seat.

  2. inkomplete says:

    Thanks…. That is on the list now 🙂

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