Working Class Man…..

So the 5 day mini-challenge is over…. and it was largely successful…. the house is hovering on the edge of organised…. My head is doing much the same…. and day 5 was spent doing work, so the wolf is from the door for a while longer… And yes doing the markets is work (though I am sure my x would disagree, as it has no paper hat or name tag)….

It was good to get out and do the sales patter chat and coffee thing…. but the distance thing is a bit of a killer… So mountain markets not really an option… Hopefully a meeting this week will make the Bathurst markets a reality…. and yes the furbies are now in loving homes….

The only slip in an otherwise polite day… was not really my fault…. I was running low of caffeine for a start, so informing me that my vintage, hand tooled belts were too expensive because “I can get a belt for $5 from the chinese guy”… I am not sure what response a person expects when making a comment like that…. and I must admit i wish I was a bit more Oscar Wilde, but I just called him a moron…

Luckily I was cheered up by the ditzy 20 something year old declaring these glasses to be really old because they had a MySpace web address on them…. I resisted the urge to inform her that a  someone might say the same about her for knowing what MySpace is… I didn’t 🙂

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