Start Your Own Cafe….

Well I could…. at the moment I think I may have seating for at least 50…. Not helped by adding an extra 14 today…. I think I may have a serious chair addiction….

1920s French wrought iron chairs….. amazing find, so well made… and while they are cool as the are, I am tempted to strip the hard wood seats back to a natural oiled finish and re-do the paint in black…. it would make making a matching table a lot easier… I already have a large wine barrel metal hoop that would make a great surround for a reclaimed wood table….

The other find of day… 10 Sebel Stak-a-Bye chairs…. these are in amazing condition for something 60 years old… these are the fancy indoor version with original vinyl seats…. the original hamer finish paint is a great metallic green, and the only time I have ever seen an intact label is on one of these chairs….

 Now that is something you don’t see….ever…. not a bad days shopping I am sure you will agree….

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2 thoughts on “Start Your Own Cafe….

  1. CT says:

    Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your chair addiction. There are lots of us out there. Maybe there needs to be a Chairs Anonymous or something. . . .

  2. inkomplete says:

    My name is Shayn and it has been two days since my last chair……

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