after several days of feeling like crap…… a combination of man-flu and the bite of the black dog… I am feeling better today… A bit of me time, a bit of me needs a haircut time….

Probably a bit shorter than I normally go…. but I am in a bad-ass get things done frame o mind…. So I will go with it… Getting back into walking, only at the 20 minute mark at the moment, but hopefully I can push that back out to the 40 plus mins a day quite quickly…. I decided that not only do I want my fitness back, I crave it…. Secretly wearing ankle weights most of the day…. except when I walk, then I step them on my wrists…. exercise is good for my mood… and given the dreadful mood swings this week, I better crack on…. I have dropped 5 kilos in the past few weeks, probably nothing this week as I have had the kids, and therefore have had to have food in the house… I should be able to drop at least another five over the next three weeks though…. but I may have to up the walks to twice a day and do the gym more than once a week….

Today has been spent in preparation for Leura Markets on Sunday, most of tomorrow too probably…. I do miss doing the markets…. and I miss the money… this transition to country living is not without its problems…. Luckily I have plans B through K all running concurrently, and luckily I am not the same person I used to be, so at least half those plans don’t require lottery wins, or effort on anyones part but my own…

Speaking of effort, I had better stop watching Doctor Who, get of the damn couch and go do some shopping for dinner….

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