About a Boy and some Price Tags….

Day 4 of the mini challenge has largely been spent in self-indulgent introspection…. You get that some days…. The only two pleasant parts of my day have been making some price tags….

I am working on the theory that if I put prices on things people will be more confident than when I carry my price list in my head…. people don’t seem to appreciate my rain man act….

The other and most enjoyable point of my day came when I was joined on the couch by my nine-year old son… I was watching About A Boy…. He asked why I liked it? I said because the boy reminded me of him…. he watched it with me half an hour… and informed me that I was wrong… as the boy didn’t play video games… I just smiled and hugged him till he squirmed for escape…. It is hard to explain that the comment he made was why he reminded me of the character…. He is different…. different good…

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2 thoughts on “About a Boy and some Price Tags….

  1. these tags are miniature artworks in their own right – what a wonderful idea 🙂

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