My Wardrobe Leads to Narnia…..

It did lead to a big un-used plasma tv, that doesn’t seem to be a very sensible use of space in a tiny art deco house….. I only ever opened the doors to use the printer, or jam some more junk in….

I didn’t need another TV…. especially not in the dinning room… So the TV was donated to a worthy cause… and I started sorting my arty stuff…. So my old TV closet is now my wardrobe to DIY Narnia….

So my printer, stereo and stencil printer can now be accessed with ease and hidden from view when not in use….

There are a lot more supplies to sort, but that may require small trays etc… and maybe even one of those handle label maker things…

There is a something nice about storing things in non labeled and non traditional things though…

Somewhere there is a box with more beer steins…. I like beer steins, they hold pens and brushes in a nice solid way… and they remind me of beer….

Yes I do need two sharpeners…. One is good for colour pencils, and the other is good for putting a sharp point on graphite ones….

…. all of this should be a big hint about what the first challenge will be, probably…..

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