Kicking it off with a 5 day Mini-Challenge & Goblins…..

To give myself the best chance of getting what I want from my 21 day challenges, I have decided to commit the next 5 days to preparation… removing the distractions and getting the ducks in a row…. So Day 1 is clearing some room to work….

Underneath that explosion is my dinning room, and the warmest place to work with the best natural light is wasted…. So the 5 days starts here…. I also have the kids this week while the x lives it up in Sydney…. and to make things even more fun over the past 24hrs I have increasingly nasty flu-like symptoms…. But challenges are part of these challenges…. So with enough codeine running through me to start a backyard drug lab, I got stuck in…. well stuck-in for 15 minutes at a time with equal amounts of couch time….

I am not really sure how I managed this? Maybe the codeine haze has blocked out the team of helpful goblins that did this…. because I honestly have no memory of it….

Hopefully I have enough cold medication to get Day 2 done….. or the goblins comeback….

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One thought on “Kicking it off with a 5 day Mini-Challenge & Goblins…..

  1. twistnpout says:

    WOW – fantastic job.

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