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The Ballad of Fat Fingered Jack….

There are many cheap op-shop rings out there…. but not many that fit my fingers… It seems a shame to not buy a cool ring just because of it…..

This ring is solid silver, chunky and the Jack of Hearts… You know the knave of hearts that stole the tarts…. It is very me, in everything but size….

Enter the ring stretcher… You drop a ring on it and smack the top with a mallet… Simple and effective… It won’t work with set rings, but it is a good start for the simpler rings I have picked up…

I now have a ring that fits perfectly, and a thumb that throbs due to a miss hit with the mallet…. Just call me Fat Fingered Jack…

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Game of Thrones….

A bad day for that chair addiction of mine…. I couldn’t leave them…. and I have no where for them…. So I will clean them up and move them on….

The perfect addition to any medieval dinning hall…. Very comfy and very cow….

All they need is a scrub and some oil…. I am sure they will find a home…. or castle..


All cleaned up…. And looking better…

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That son-of-a-bitch Van Owen…..

Still being nice…. to everyone except Van Owen of course…. I am sure I am not the only person who suffers this pre-birthday angst? Recent players on the stage of my life may dismiss it as due to age or mid-life anxiety…. That’s bad science… I have in fact always been a mess (psychologically speaking) in the time leading up to my birthdays and christmas since a very early age…. I even worked out what the cause was a few years ago, it isn’t a very interesting cause… It is mundane and 1st year psych stuff…. I grew up in a divorced home, birthdays and christmas were a time of parental completion over time and gift giving…. I could feel the anxiety like a clamp on my skull…

The main problem with working that out is? That it becomes my problem…. You can’t spend your life blaming your crazy on the way you were raised by wolves…. Same way you can’t blame being a sharp tongued pessimist on your mother, or a shiftless semi-hippy lay about on your father…. (It’s OK they can’t read the interweb)… The problem this week is that my approaching birthday forces the self assessment of progress… And there has been massive progress over the past few years…

Lets call it 2.5% improvment on a monthly basis… There is a maths thing there, about exponential basis of growth, compound interest and variable stuff….  But I won’t confuse matters with science and the like… Lets just say everyday (on average) I get a little less crazy (on average)… Hope I live long enough to be totally boring….

On a side note, and in reference to the title of this blog entry, The birthday also causes some weird regression in musical taste… and that is not an age thing either…. I don’t visit the 80’s…. but I do like to sing loudly about that son-of-a-bitch Van Owen as I drive to pick up the kids from school….

Steampunk Mozart DIY….

I spent my evening with my hands on a cheap bust….. Yes that was meant to sound that way 🙂

Day 3 of the Thumper challenge went well…. in the face of serious temptation to, not to be… but I took the high road… Yay me 🙂

But back to the Bust… Mozart in cheap plaster… plaster of Salzburg? probably not even plaster of paris…. maybe plaster of chinese mass production factory…

50 cents from an op-shop, though I suspect similar items are available cheaply from discount stores… Since my ex-wife got the piano, I don’t even have anywhere to put it… So I thought I may have a bit of fun, with a drill….

A quick freehand pencil rough in of some cogs… and yes this how I spend my days…

It is quite relaxing grinding away with a cheap 12 volt engraver… Once you get past the disturbing sound, that is reminiscent of the dentists drill…

Gold paint is your friend…. and bronze and copper and a bit of burnt umber are your friends too, if you are trying to turn a cheap plaster bust into a steampunk metal one….

That was kind of fun…. I am going to try this one again….

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Day 2 – Thumper Finds….

A pretty good day for not being a negative…. is that a double negative? Does that it make it a positive? I have a new warning system… I have requested that people stick a finger in my ear if I start saying something negative… Like a wet willy… but without the wet… or willy… I must be doing well, I only got one insertion today..

I thought in addition to being a little ray of sunshine, I might also share some of the thrift store items I grab as we go…. These mid-century Bulls are going to live in my house for a while…. Due to the fact that I keep finding them, and selling them… Maybe the universe is trying to tell me I need a pair of these….

A box… Brass and bamboo…. very heavy… as for age or original purpose, not a clue…

One of those items that always amazes me…. How things like this can still be sitting at garage sales late in the day… Ignored by all those early morning bargain hunters, I wonder if they thought its $2 in must be a reproduction… It isn’t…

Three different shops… Three tea boxes…. I am hoping that I will find a lot more of these… The idea is make a large CD rack from them… so maybe Karma will provide me with another 50 or so…. If I am super nice 🙂

Now here is a tricky one… A $5 box…. It was a very nice box, that is why I bought it… It also appears to be filled with someone elses memories… A picture of a mini, and a picture of a small dog… A receipt for a new Datsun ($1800)… An Ansett airline discount photo id….  A bone dice… and a letter saying he was unfit for conscription to national service… It feels a bit wrong to just throw it away….

Day Two gets a magic tick I think…. So I will reheat some soup, make a plunger of coffee and settle into the couch for a couple of hours with a good book….

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