The 300th Post….

The temptation to be as lazy as american tv producers and just do a clip show is there…. but in reality if anyone was that interested they could just go check the previous 299 posts themselves….

I thought maybe more a preview than a review? Get down in ink (pixels) where I want to go next…. Mix things up a bit…..

So from that you can safely assume the bad puns will continue…  and also a more serious workload too….

The plan is to complete a series of 21 day challenges –

  • 21 Days of Art
  • 21 Days of decorating
  • 21 Days of Horrid Green Smoothies
  • 21 Days of (other stuff)

There will be some overlap, and a more detailed brief for each, and obviously during the non creative ones (Smoothies) I will also be doing things to keep distracted from the hunger…..

Also in the next 6 months I have

  • 2 Uni Subjects.
  • A short course involving Latex, that requires going to Sydney once a week for 2 months.
  • My Birthday Party.

and probably a few other things…. so in between juggling kids and friends and things that look like work, it is going to be an interesting time…. See you tomorrow for 301…

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