Inkomplete Projects – Day 19 and 20….

Days 19 and 20…. Didn’t post yesterday due to strange spinning room effect… this is either due to a temporal distortion focusing on my house, or (and this is more likely) a reaction to the massive amounts of ridiculous cocktails that were consumed on Saturday evening… Tequila is not my friend, apparently neither are coffee flavoured things in martini glasses or beer and cider… and possibly other things I can’t remember…. Anyhow I did stuff yesterday…. But most of it involved turning myself a pale shade of green…

Still a little shaky today…. So it was a sorting job that needed doing as I will need to use the contents of the box for the first time since moving… and it is a bit of jumble..

Not the kind of box you want to rummage around in…

Trunk contents all laid out…. 

The main power supply and foot switch and stands….

Hard to pick between them…. So they all go in  

Various size pointy bits…..


A sense of organization has been returned…. Just in time, got a small piece to do next week…. Nothing to exciting, but at least it’s not a southern cross…

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