Day 16 – A Tiny bit Lazy… Somewhere for DVDs and Bunnies….

Not very exciting, but this does fall under the projects I needed to finish heading… I have a crate full of DVDs with nowhere to live… and an empty space under a window in my bedroom…

I hate dead space….. In the past I have driven myself slightly insane when renovating by trying to make use of every square centimeter of a house… probably why I am not that keen on renovating at the moment…. But decorating a house also requires using space practically…. I don’t do minimalist… and I don’t like clutter… so organised and well thought out, is the only way to live comfortably with a lot of stuff in a small place, without being swamped….

I guess since I had to bolt two bookcases it counts as DIY…. The book cases are the same, one in blue one in green… I bought one from a garage sale in the mountains for $5, and the other for $2 in an op shop in Orange (150kms apart)….

It is more practical to have DVDs and Xbox games in my room…. Insomnia sometimes requires explosions….

It also gave me a place to put a few of my favourite things…. mostly rabbits and mostly gifts….

Todays project was just about carrying on and trying to feel productive…. Just like life…

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2 thoughts on “Day 16 – A Tiny bit Lazy… Somewhere for DVDs and Bunnies….

  1. lulastic says:

    Love the rabbits! Gorgeous.
    I too try and make use of every inch. This thin shelves are ideal, good thrifting!

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