Assembling a Knock off Arco Floorlamp….

Another day of motivation running a bit low…. Actually tired and emotional (not drunk), and running on small percentage of the daily calorie intake that I have been consuming for the past six months….. So a bit of a sketch, and my fingers dipped in my coffee (to the confusion of passering shoppers)…

After that I decided I should finally get around to assembling my chain store knock off designer lamp…. I am normally not one for knock-off stuff, but I really need a lamp for my insomnia reading… I have taken to reading in the quiet comfy chair at night rather than lie in bed worrying about when sleep will happen…

It is about half the size of a real one, and about 5% of the price… So it suits the budget and the room… or that’s my excuse….

It of course took the skin off my knuckles and required an extra bolt…. but I am never surprised by that…

I will end up moving it when I find something better… but it does the job and doesn’t look to out-of-place…. I hope….

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One thought on “Assembling a Knock off Arco Floorlamp….

  1. lezoemusings says:

    GREAT Post! Hope you enter + share this pretty awesome giveaway on my blog Best, Kellie

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