A Day for Relaxing…. and a bit of Art Type Stuff…

Day 11 of the 21 days of getting stuff done/unfinished project challenge…. The ex took the kids for day… and I caught up on some tv and feet on ottoman action…. I also decided to try something a bit different… Instead of working on a cramped table in a coffee shop with one pen…. I decided to do things the way you are meant to… Some source books for inspiration, a clear work area and a pencil sketch to start me off, rather than just jumping straight in with the pens…

It is much more forgiving to work in pencil first… I probably could have spent a bit more time adjusting things at this point, but I got a bit carried away and just jumped in with the pen to fit things… Hmmmm patience has never been a strong suit with me…

At this point I am normally in a coffee shop so I just keep crosshatching for a cup or two…. at home I have the great piles of art stuff that I never use to choose from… So of course I used a strong black coffee to give the picture some depth…and a tiny bit of watercolour paint for the razor and her eyes….

So something outside my comfort zone (people) and I quite enjoyed it…. I may have to try that again….

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3 thoughts on “A Day for Relaxing…. and a bit of Art Type Stuff…

  1. Ms. Fastspeed says:

    Hi, I just thought I’d drop by and let you know I’ve nominated you for one of those Liebster awards. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them (I hadn’t really) and it might seem a bit silly, but I do enjoy reading your blog and at the very least I thought I’d let you know. Thanks for sharing all the stuff you do!

  2. nonoymanga says:

    Congratulation. Your work is very pleasing. Good day Nonoy Manga

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