DIY – Bedroom Fix-Up…..

I am one of those lucky insomnia sufferers…. Most of the time I don’t mind that much… I get to finish books, watch movies and things like that…. However if it goes on for a while it does start to wear me down… This particular bout has been going for about 6 weeks now, that is the point where I start to worry… I have decided that today’s project was to start on making my bedroom a more relaxed and less cluttered place…. and a bit more symmetrical too…

The off centre window drives me nuts, however due to the size and layout of the room, there is no other practical placement for the bed…..  A simple fix to extend a curtain rod to even things out….

Needs a few tweaks and another lamp… but these are not pictures of the finished room they are just the steps that will get me there… Another visual eye saw is the built-in dressing table, and not just because I filled it with junk…

First step clear out the junk…. and expose the glass top of the draws…

Predictable I know but the easiest way to personalise this is put some pictures etc under the glass….

Just a start…. A couple of printers trays mounted to either side and an old draw front, to disguise the old exposed fluro light….

This is going to be a work in progress…. not happy with it yet…..

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