Operation DIY – Day 6 – Alice in Wonderland Box…..

Day 6 of 21 Days of finishing projects…. Today I have been enjoying the kids and relaxing…. So I thought a small job, a wooden card file box…

I re-glued the splitting sides and gave it some paint, and was going to leave it at that… but I kept fiddling… and added a bit of detail to the outside…

…and of course I then needed to do something with the inside, this is one of those trickier than it looks things…. Lots of fiddling and adding structure….

Gold paint and cutting things and decoupaging like a Victorian spinster….

 Dont mind if I do….

A box with shot glasses…. purely for medicinal purposes, of course…. Just needs 24 hours to dry properly, and then a clear coat to finish… This one will be for sale in my facebook store…

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3 thoughts on “Operation DIY – Day 6 – Alice in Wonderland Box…..

  1. stilishbabe says:

    ”purely for medicinal purposes, of course ”-the youngster excuse :)) I looks really nice!

  2. stilishbabe says:


  3. twistnpout says:

    this is great work.

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