Day 5 – A Lazy Sunday Toy Shelf…..

Today I had a completely un-focused thing going on…. Did a bit of prep-work on a few small pieces, moved some furniture around, drank coffee, read a few chapters of a book and went ummmmmm…. So Day 5 became a chance to give my gorgeous 6-year-old daughters messy messy room a little bit of attention…. Some storage for toys….

An old ikea bookcase…. It would do the job as is…. but a bit of paint wont hurt…

A bit of masking tape to help me leave the tops of the shelves unpainted…. as I don’t want to wait two days for the paint to be dry enough to use….. A quick coat of aqua-enamel, and a fabric cover on the back…..

 A quick job…. I am sure she will like it, she keeps asking me to build her a shop…. I am sure this will suffice for now….


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