Operation DIY – Industrial Side Table and Storage…..

Day 4 of my 21 day challenge and today I finished the big steel box I started yesterday, the big, smelly, rusty steel box….

It was filled with foam and red back spiders.. and a familiar childhood smell, for me anyway… the smell of animal skins drying… a fond childhood memory, but not a smell I want to take inside…. So a good scrub and a lot of rust treatment took most of the afternoon, so this day three project, became day fours project….

24 hours of drying and a pressure wash later the rust is stabilized and the smell is gone, almost….. 3 coats of paint inside to seal it completely and make it usable…

I want to use it for storage so it needs to be smell free, and the only smell now is the paint….

Tricks of trade time…. A kitchen scouring pad, and some cheap canola oil…. and scrub like a mad thing… It leaves the industrial finish and treats the rust, leave for a few hours and wash down with a  warm water and mild soap mix…. When dry put a bit of WD-40 on a clean rag and buff the exterior….

Room for my larger spare cushions and a throw rug for those approaching winter nights….

 and when closed I have a side table floor my lamp and a few magazines…. and now for a pot of coffee and relaxing read on the couch……

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