Day 2 of Operation DIY…. Steampunk Industrial Bar Stool….

Day 2 of my 21 Day challenge… A while ago I bought a bar stool… kind of steam punk metal and wood, unfortunately there was only one… It was a bargain centre buy for $40…

The only issue was I needed two bar stools, and the chances of finding a matching one are slim… So I bought a bog standard hardwood stool from a op-shop for $5…. It didn’t match….

So I needed to sand off the varnish and get some thumb tacks and a hammer…. also a good idea to give the thumbtacks a quick rub with sandpaper, to help them take paint….

With my thumb tack “rivets” in place, I gave the legs a coat of porters industrial… A very cool chunky metallic paint, basically the same thing they used to paint bridges with…

It could have been left it at that, but  I wanted to practice my own version of industrial trompe l’oeil … So I dry brushed in some brand new rust with metallic bronze and copper paint….

Rust can be a bit tricky to get right… It is like shading in shadows when you draw… You need to rust the parts that would rust, the joints and around the rivets etc… I also wanted to give it some extra embellishment, 1900’s industrial items were often decorated with floral or gold designs…. Maybe this was a bar stool from the Nautilus?

So I final coat of furniture oil, buffed to a shine on the wooden seat and I have my second bar stool… I will let it dry overnight before I put it inside….

The Total cost of finished bar stool including purchase is approx. $7….. I hope it matches….

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