Does Your House Need an Editor?….

Mine does….. The downside of finding so much great stuff, the need to pick and choose between them…. I am still finding my way with this house, so things that looked right last week are no longer working…. And some things just need to moved around till they either find the right place, or they get moved out completely…

Full size ceramic skull painted in blackboard paint…. definitely rock’n’roll, but also has been moved around the house twenty times looking for a home…

Glass cube, crystals, magnifying glass… all have moved around, and none have found a final home yet …. Today they are spending some time on the coffee table…

I am not entirely sure I can be my own editor… Or at least not if I want to do this house in under a year…. I have trouble excepting the fact that an item I like is just not working…. But the skull is cool, and it stays…

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2 thoughts on “Does Your House Need an Editor?….

  1. Helen says:

    Nice hipstamatic images.

  2. inkomplete says:

    Thanks Helen… Although I have used hipstamatic… these ones are camera+ with manual tweeking 🙂

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