Picking For Profit 101…..

If I was just trying to make a living from the cool items I might starve to death, it might take a few months but you can’t just rely on the WOW pieces to pay the rent… The thousand dollar pieces are great…. but you need to keep the ten and twenty-dollar stuff rolling out too….

On the way to buy some lunch with the kids today I spotted a garage sale sign, and of course dropped the anchor and had a look, while the kids watched their iPods in the car… It was almost one o’clock so it would have been well and truly picked over by now, but you never know…

Two hard cases for camera gear… Five dollars a piece… the smaller one was quiet nice, made in japan with a checkerboard pattern… Useful items and even if I don’t use them easy to get at least $10 each, maybe $20 for the small one…  So I get them home and look inside… the big one first…

An early version of IBM DOS with discs and guides in fabric covered box, and a pile of floppy 5 and 1/4″ disks…. Probably $15-$20 on the market stall…

In the small box is a pile of camera stuff… A Minolta auto-flash (looks unused) and an auto winder that is still sealed… A few 55mm filters and a hood cover, a cool little film case and a lead-lined bag for taking film through x-rays… Maybe an easy $100-$150 for those items… My favorite piece is the Hoya 55mm multi-lens, an easy $20…

…. But it is kind of cool… so I might hold on too it for a while….

So a five-minute stop and five dollars will give me at least $150 maybe $200 if I work a bit harder… and that is what pays the rent….

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