Your Only as Big as your Fans….

As a mistral employee once told me…. Industrial cool is the theme of the day…

Great big industrial cool in fact… about 75cm across… weighing over 10kg and capable of blowing your straw house in…. and I got two of them….

When I first found them they were in the wall mount position, they were great but wall mount is not quite as easy to sell…. I was very pleased to find that with a bloody big spanner they could be converted from wall to pedestal, got to love great design… Very big wall fans have become very big floor fans… Much easier to use in a house, and the wall mount option is still there…

I did turn them up to three…. Not sure I would do that inside… These are not for the timid….

Everything about these fans is oversize…. and the paint is perfectly imperfect….

It needs a serious cage to keep fingers out….. The fan blade is aluminium and I suspect it is capable of shredding a broom handle…


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