Make sure the Candy is in the Original Wrapper….

Today I bought a chair… Not a remarkable statement for me… My name is Shayn…. and I am a Chair-O-holick!!!! And although cool, it is not a remarkable a chair, it looks like this….

Maybe I am getting a little jaded, but a saucer chair barely gets the pulse rate up these days, even an older original wicker one…. So money changed hands and it was about to go in the back of the wagon, when the seller says do you want the cover for it… I say “Cover?”… he says yes it had a cover on it when I got it but I didn’t like the colour….”Ok I say”… thinking I would just use it to protect the chair for transport, assuming it was just a home-made bit of fabric to go over the top….

It wasnt some homemade number…. It was an original era optional cover….. That got the pulse rate up…

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