The Men That Stare at Furniture…

I am not George Clooney…. And there is definitely no goats involved, but I just noticed my disturbing habit of staring at furniture… Waiting for an idea to leap out at me… If it is a piece I have stumbled across it tends to leap out at me fairly quickly… The problems seem to start when someone else finds a piece for me…. This cabinet is a case in point…

Described as art deco, I assume because of the handle…. Because it has no other redeeming features…. Ugly brown furniture, it takes up more room than its worth….

I spent two cups of coffee looking at this today…. Adding various deco bits? nah…. Quick coat of a milk paint, shabby it up and move it on? Steampunk? not worth the effort…. I know it seems ungrateful to bitch about a piece of furniture you get for free, but really, it is bugging me just looking at it…..


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