Industrial Chic TV Stand……

Often one of the hardest parts of decorating a lounge room can be integrating the TV… Lets face it, new TV’s maybe slim line but they are getting bigger everyday…. and can dominate the room unless wall mounted…. But what if you rent? or change your mind about the arrangement of your rooms once a month (or is that just me)? TV stands fall into the two main categories or cheap and ugly or modern and more expensive than the TV that sits on them…. I can’t have either of those items in my house…. So it occurred to me there must be a market for sub $1000 TV stands that fit in with a more industrial feel house…

A Nike swedish made cast iron drafting table with the top removed…. This would make an amazing industrial tv stand… Wall mounting without the wall…. Gas lift for variable height….

Love the finish it already has, so I am just stabilizing it… It is all levers and cogs…

and you can’t go far wrong with cogs….. Nothing says I am heavy-duty like cast iron cogs…

 A simple multi purpose mounting plate is all that is needed to make this a TV stand…

I love the fact that every part is labeled and all the original stickers are still there….

Now all I need to do it find a use for the original top? It has some amazing pullies and cast weights than must be used…..


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