The Hardest Part of Finding Cool Items is……

Letting them go again… If I didn’t love the stuff I find, I would be a lot better off financially… The flip side is of course if I didn’t love this stuff I wouldn’t find it in the first place…. There is a common misconception that I have some encyclopedic knowledge of collectables and furnishings etc… Well I know a fair bit, but normally my knowledge of an item comes from the research after I purchase it… I tend to buy what I find cool, and that seems to work for me…. I am always amazed by the stuff people leave in places for me to buy, later I find out that they did like it but they wanted another opinion before they spend their $$$… Almost like they need someone to tell them the item is great….

Todays purchase is going to be one of those hard to let go of items… I am guessing 30’s French… This set had apparently been in a local op-shop for a week… Really? how on earth did people miss this? I am hoping that a hit with a pressure washer might take the dreadful heritage green paint off and leave the original Teal…

The table top is probably to far gone to hope any of the original finish is left… But fingers crossed…. A worst case scenario may mean a full restoration, as the original finish is already been compromised by the re-painting….

Might have to see how it looks in my house…. Like I said, the hardest part of my job is…. putting the price tag on….


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