Adding a bit of Adventure to your Life……

I have always been attracted to old maps…. but hanging them on the wall brings back memories of houses I don’t want to be reminded of… So lately I have been getting my old map fix in a more 3D way…. Globes make great decorator pieces, that can work like a decorative finial on a stack of boxes or books…

In a group, or by themselves they just add a bit of adventurer feel, even if you don’t travel, they let you dream… and the older the globe the better…. I particularly like ones from the 40’s and 50’s… Still reasonable to purchase, but they still have a look of tin and a world that was more interesting and less homogenized…

That one is my favourite, I have had it since I was a child… It was my fathers when he was young, there is a lot of pink of this globe….

I have also been finding some globe shaped items… In the front is a cigarette holder, the top pulls up and reveals space for 20 or so smokes, plus it also revolves and plays music… Behind is an ice bucket, probably 50’s…. But my favorite globe shaped item has to be this….

A vintage decanter… You fill it at the top and it has a brass tap for filling your glass at the bottom….. I like it because it is kind of steam punk, and still completely usable… Though I am not sure what to put in it, maybe something a bit exotic?



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One thought on “Adding a bit of Adventure to your Life……

  1. amanda nelson says:

    Ooooh love love love your globes, am a big collector of atlas’s and maps and I envy your collection of globes!

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