DIY Desk Time…..

I have finished my workstation for the house, as opposed to the studio…. The dining room already has a large table I can work at on non computer stuff, so I needed a smaller desk that wouldn’t dominate the small space…. Started out with an old singer knitting machine table, the top off a 90’s cottage style TV unit….

Cut the table top to size, removing the routed edges at the same time, filled the holes and sanded the old finish back….

A bit of work with a hammer and sandpaper to make a new key surround a bit more in keeping with the distressed finish of the table top….

The little details are the fun bit…. The keyhole makes it look like it may have been a door in its previous life…. A bit of work to recess the surround….

…..One more step closer to a finished room,  a desk that doesn’t dominate the room or poke you at thigh height as you walk through the narrow walkway…..

The finished desk with knitting machine legs attached…. and although the legs can be folded up the table is strong enough to stand on… some new rubber caps on the feet brought the total cost of this project to $38 including all parts and furniture polish… Although I did sell the other parts that were left over (the knitting machine and TV cabinets glass doors) for $65…. So I guess the $17 left over I will call my labour…. I work cheap….

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