Atomic Blue is the New Black….

Well maybe not…. but it seems to be the colour my studio is being forced towards…. Not deliberately buying things in blue…. I just seem to be stumbling across the things I pictured my new studio would have, and I made the mistake of not specifying a colour…. So shades of blue it is, I am sure with a bit of grey paint the inside of the studio will show off the blue accents, and make it a bit more contemporary and less retro….

…and yes the studio is progressing without photos, or at least published photos…. I don’t want to chronicle it as a work in progress, going for a reality TV style reveal with this one….

On the personal side of life things are trundling along….Still not any clearer on the future than I was…. But I have decided maybe that’s ok…. Most of the misery in my own life and the lives of those around me has been caused by me trying to be something I am not…. I can’t fight my nature, but that really shouldn’t be a problem… My nature is ruled by a laissez-faire attitude…. Things only go wrong when I fight it…. I should just trust in that the universe will let me stumble arse backwards into the right thing, as long as I let it… No malice, no drama and no rigid plan….

“Shhhhhhhh…..and does it come in blue?”

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