The Head on the Door…..

….is a dream…. Just like a day of Sunny weather…. It is still to humid for painting things that require an even finish, but good door painting weather….

The insipid beige door to my studio… I ask you, how is that a motivating way to start the day?…. Well it isn’t, and a $2 pot of paint from a recycling centre, a pice of plank from an old fence and a no longer small furry animal later and….

… Much better, sort of Notting Hill meets Billy the Kid….The Metal “artwork” was a road side find and the old red tin was $2 at a garage Sale….

and the skull was free… as I suspect the sheep was no longer using it…. So all up a revamped studio entrance was $4….. and I still have most of a tin of paint left over….

 Much better way to start my day, and I can always paint it beige again if I ever move, Incase the next people who live here need a garage, and not a studio…..

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2 thoughts on “The Head on the Door…..

  1. Love the colours! Especially in the second image 🙂

  2. inkomplete says:

    Thanks 🙂 I like that the bright colours are grounded by the more natural tones…

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