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You may approach the Bench…..

It has been a busy few days, and I have found some interesting new pieces…. So while I wait for them to be delivered I have been stacking things on top of other things…. Kind of 3D sketching… This is the start of an idea….

A railway sleeper sitting on top of two old bits of steel dumbbells… or something that looks like dumbbells, I suspect they came out of the railway workshops at Bathurst many years ago… With the amount of railway lunchboxes, tool boxes and other custom pieces that came out of that now defunct workshop, I am surprised they had anytime to fix trains…

So I like the basic look of this, heavy wood floating…. For stability purposes I will need to weld a few small plates to the top of the “dumbbells” to secure them… I will also need to add a large square plate to the bottom of each leg…. I have sitting around on my father’s farm, some pieces of steel that should do the job… pieces of old telecom cable drums in fact…


Love What You Buy and Sell What You Love….

The question I am asked most often by people is “How do you know what to buy?”…. They are either disappointed, or annoyed by the answer… “I don’t know, I just buy stuff that I like?”… I think they find that answer annoying, because they think I am implying that I have better taste then they do, or that I am hiding the magic secret from them… One of those is true….

I have always been a fan of belts and buckles, so it seems strange that I have never really bought and sold them…. I have bought them, but only for my own wardrobe… That means I have passed on some awesome vintage items because I wouldn’t wear it or it wouldn’t fit….

So a new line for me is accessories, I have been embarrassingly good at vintage handbags… I would prefer the slightly more rock n roll image of vintage belts, wallets and other man-accesories…

I must admit I do have a lot of mantiques in the cool vintage accessories… Buckles, belts, silver flasks and cigarette cases…. I have started picking up some great old hand tooled leather belts… and I sure there are lots more of them out there, just waiting for a new buckle and a polish….

I also like the fact they take up less room than furniture, well they will if don’t go overboard….

So it is a good thing I never go overboard… Honest….

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Picking For Profit 101…..

If I was just trying to make a living from the cool items I might starve to death, it might take a few months but you can’t just rely on the WOW pieces to pay the rent… The thousand dollar pieces are great…. but you need to keep the ten and twenty-dollar stuff rolling out too….

On the way to buy some lunch with the kids today I spotted a garage sale sign, and of course dropped the anchor and had a look, while the kids watched their iPods in the car… It was almost one o’clock so it would have been well and truly picked over by now, but you never know…

Two hard cases for camera gear… Five dollars a piece… the smaller one was quiet nice, made in japan with a checkerboard pattern… Useful items and even if I don’t use them easy to get at least $10 each, maybe $20 for the small one…  So I get them home and look inside… the big one first…

An early version of IBM DOS with discs and guides in fabric covered box, and a pile of floppy 5 and 1/4″ disks…. Probably $15-$20 on the market stall…

In the small box is a pile of camera stuff… A Minolta auto-flash (looks unused) and an auto winder that is still sealed… A few 55mm filters and a hood cover, a cool little film case and a lead-lined bag for taking film through x-rays… Maybe an easy $100-$150 for those items… My favorite piece is the Hoya 55mm multi-lens, an easy $20…

…. But it is kind of cool… so I might hold on too it for a while….

So a five-minute stop and five dollars will give me at least $150 maybe $200 if I work a bit harder… and that is what pays the rent….

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Your Only as Big as your Fans….

As a mistral employee once told me…. Industrial cool is the theme of the day…

Great big industrial cool in fact… about 75cm across… weighing over 10kg and capable of blowing your straw house in…. and I got two of them….

When I first found them they were in the wall mount position, they were great but wall mount is not quite as easy to sell…. I was very pleased to find that with a bloody big spanner they could be converted from wall to pedestal, got to love great design… Very big wall fans have become very big floor fans… Much easier to use in a house, and the wall mount option is still there…

I did turn them up to three…. Not sure I would do that inside… These are not for the timid….

Everything about these fans is oversize…. and the paint is perfectly imperfect….

It needs a serious cage to keep fingers out….. The fan blade is aluminium and I suspect it is capable of shredding a broom handle…


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Make sure the Candy is in the Original Wrapper….

Today I bought a chair… Not a remarkable statement for me… My name is Shayn…. and I am a Chair-O-holick!!!! And although cool, it is not a remarkable a chair, it looks like this….

Maybe I am getting a little jaded, but a saucer chair barely gets the pulse rate up these days, even an older original wicker one…. So money changed hands and it was about to go in the back of the wagon, when the seller says do you want the cover for it… I say “Cover?”… he says yes it had a cover on it when I got it but I didn’t like the colour….”Ok I say”… thinking I would just use it to protect the chair for transport, assuming it was just a home-made bit of fabric to go over the top….

It wasnt some homemade number…. It was an original era optional cover….. That got the pulse rate up…

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