How to succeed in Slacking without really trying…..

Blogging while the house burns…. Not literally… but I need a distraction…. Did you ever see the movie “how to succeed in business without really trying”… Good movie, and relevent to this post because todays job was to cut out A4 movie posters…

The giant pile of vintage Movie magazines fell in my lap while I was looking for other things…. It cost $5 for the lot…. There are maybe 200 A4 posters…. and countless smaller ones…. So if I choose the good ones, buy a 100 plain frames and mounts, I will have a very large pile of saleable items for very little effort…and that is my favourite type of effort….

Not every poster is a classic… but quite a few are, either for their film or just the artwork of the poster itself…. I will probably start out selling them at $28 framed… That allows people to pay the top dollar for the desirable ones and then I can discount the remainder…. I often wonder if I worked as hard as some people I know how far I could go? I know I tend to cruise by… It is the curse of adaptability and a faster than average wit…

 It means you are prouder of a school report that says A for achievement and D for effort…. Than the one with two A’s…. Two A’s says I worked hard and achieved something… an A and E says I achieved something without even trying… And yes I know that is a crappy attitude… It is one I am trying very hard to change… Somedays I feel like I am making progress, and other days (like today) I just want to apologise to the world for being a selfish slacker… I always ignored it on school reports, but maybe I “SHOULD TRY HARDER”…..

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