The Joy of Popcorn and Lasers….

There are very few gadgets, and by gadgets I mean things designed to help with jobs, that there are easier low tech ways to do, the only ones have a genuine affection for are not the Fancy robot egg timers, coffee pod machines and the like, they all fall into the gadget that is as much trouble to use as the basic way is fun to master …. My awards for gadgets, are the ones that pay for themselves…. Like the hot air popcorn maker and the laser level…. The first because it does what it says on the box, pops corn with air, quick and no mess….

and the laser level gets its runner-up award, for being a simple bit of tech, that stops me driving 20 unwanted nails or 100 pencil marks on a wall…. So it is a mental health and rental bond saving legend…..

After the getting a tv reception, the first thing I do when moving into a new house is get some pictures on the wall… The meltdowns from trying to get a decent TV reception have been largely mitigated by the introduction of digital TV…. So the ability to use a laser to hang pictures, in a non distracting even height is the NEW, new house obsession….

I am a complicated man with simple pleasures, or I am a simple man with complicated annoyances…. but either way I can watch a movie, with fresh popcorn and not be distracted by uneven pictures behind the screen…. Joy….

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