Better than a Southern Cross Tattoo….

That is one of those statements that could follow anything… Poke in the eye with a sharp stick, slap in the crotch with a wet sneaker etc…. Nothing says I have no imagination and I am probably a racist like a southern cross tattoo… I would like to say I have no problem with patriotism, but that would be a lie… Pride in your country, no matter if you were born there, or adopted it by choice is fine.. But patriotism seems to be a bit more in you face, a bit more xenophobic…

So for my next tattoo I wanted to get something that showed pride not patriotism, possibly so I could demonstrate the difference… I am trying to think where I could put it that I could reach to do myself? It is simple enough to do that I could do it quite well myself… but placement might rule that out…

So what do think? Is tattooing the emblem of an old toilet cistern better than a southern cross tattoo?

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One thought on “Better than a Southern Cross Tattoo….

  1. sparkey says:

    Each to their own mate, thats part of the beauty of tattoos. You get what you want for yourself and no one else. You know that 🙂 Now get those machines going!!

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