So then….. What is your Type?……..

Another purchase that was bought with resale in mind…. that I have grown deeply attached to in the past 24 hours…. She is a little blue, but she is just my Type…

I have been looking for a typewriter for a while, they are either cheap and faulty or large and expensive… I was looking for something portable for making up labels and price tags etc…. I know you can fake it on computer, but it never quite gets it right…

There is something enjoyable about the tactile clunks and clicks… It is the analogue over digital thing… and there can never be a practical reason for using a type writer these days, but it is good for the soul… Like hand writing a thank you note, listening to the record and not the CD…. it slows you down and maybe puts you back in touch with a you that isn’t in such a rush….

So the aptly named Remington Holiday in atomic blue is staying, to remind me that you can be your own spell check and pressing print isn’t the only way to get a letter….

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2 thoughts on “So then….. What is your Type?……..

  1. Lynne C says:

    Owww. As a professional typist (sorta), just looking at those keys makes my fingers ache.

    I remember all those weeks at tech, learning to type on big, clunky machines that bruised your fingertips: aaaaqqqqzzzzaaaaqqqqzzzz (repeat for other 7 fingers as appropriate). All the while, wishing I’d been more like my friend Kari and become a mechanic or like Mandy and worked in a pharmacy. At least in the pharmacy, I’d have fingernails to show off. wwwwssssxxxxsssswwwd – bugger.


  2. inkomplete says:

    I don’t think it will replace my Mac, but I do like the idea of doing special letters and labels on it… and yes, I had forgotten you had to give the keys such a wack…. Computer keyboards give you wimpy fingers!!!! 😉

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