A Drink with an Umbrella in it…..

Sunday afternoon….some pear cider and a seat in the sun…. Now that’s some high quality relaxing…

Of course it is now raining…. No matter a busy morning spray painting has turned a rust red umbrella stand into a fire engine red one…. I have also started work on a camphor wood trunk…. A coat of gold paint has it looking a bit too much like a prop from Raiders of the Lost Ark…. And besides it may be gold, which seems to be a popular paradigm at the moment for “lux”… But it just looks like something that has been painted, which it has, but it needs a tweak….

I have started dry brushing bronze detail into the dragons and lion dogs… Just as a practice run as I will be giving it another coat of gold spray this week… It just doesn’t look metal enough…. I will see about ageing it up a bit… tarnish the gold and verdigris the bronze…. Might even need to do something with the eyes of the dragons… There is subtle, and then there is me….

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