The Butterfly Effect….

Yesterdays bargain buy…. a butterfly chair for $5…. Bright Blue and with a shadecloth sling….

To begin with I assumed it wasnt an original, due to the double feet…. But when I flipped it over to paint I noticed the 2nd set of legs appeared to be a thicker gauge and there was also wear to the bottoms of what would have been the old feet…. So I suspect this is an original 40/50’s chair that has “evolved” some extra feet at some stage… The only reason I can see for the addition is to make the chair taller… I must admit I find this more comfortable for my 6 foot frame than the lower original… I am sure purists would be horrified, and yes a bit of work with the angle grinder I could have it back to original and restore its value… but I like that it is unique, it has evolved to be a bigger butterfly… So the feet will stay..

I have rubbed the frame down with fine steel wool, given it a rust treatment and 6 coats of black… It is now ready for another 50+ years…

I will give some thought to a new sling or two… Maybe one for inside and one for outside? Jute with canvas edges for outside and maybe leather for inside….

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