He is only mostly dead…..

Not all has been running to plan this week, a few minor problems that I could normally cope with are really getting the best of me…. The fact that I have pretty much been working, moving or freaking out since new years, is taking a toll… So bills, bills and bills… and I thought the point of public school was that I wasn’t constantly putting my hand in my pocket? grumble grumble grumble…..

Triad of roadblocks is not helping… Bad Weather, Bad Luck and Bad Planning…. The rain has been playing hell with any of the jobs that need paint or space, My normally green eye inducing luck is on the fritz…. and bad planning with boxes has meant that finding the tools required to move things along isn’t, moving along…. I really am in a mood… The start of uni the week after next isn’t helping… technically “O” week starts on monday, but the way I am at the moment I will end up murdering some students if I have to deal with them at the moment… University would be an amazing place, if it wasn’t for all the damn students….

Sparky…. My brother who had the poor planning to be born in the wrong country, sent me a great link to a Bonsai treehouse… I went a bit more medieval…

I quiet like this idea… Might run with it….

So I am going to start the day with a damn smile tomorrow… Tarnished karma that’s the problem…. To that end I will turn Ferris Buellers Day Off, off after the parade scene, I will chase the prozac with half a Valium and I will read a book…. If you don’t know the book you may have wandered into the wrong blog….

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One thought on “He is only mostly dead…..

  1. Sparkey says:

    Keep the happy bro 🙂 Love the drawing!! Looks great!! And remember you can still slap people with a smile on your face, so tell those students that anoy you to KAF!! 😉

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