Explosive Diarrhoea, the New Black?….

No really it is!…. I will explain that shortly, first some old business to get out of the way… In the new spirit of not leaving things half done forever, today I finished the wall numbers….

And while I had the burnt umber out, I even did the final coat on my silver leafed rabbit…. which made it look a lot more like metal, and a lot less like a shiny plastic crap….

And speaking of crap…. (that folks is a segway) …. I painted my dining chairs with hammer finish gold paint today, or at least that what is said on the tin… Truth in advertising may have suggested a name such as Bad Curry Brown or Monkey Flung Beige would have been more appropriate names…

The horrid colour is not really an issue, it is only an undercoat… and I only bought it because out of the two colours they had cheap it was “gold” or heritage green….and heritage green is worse than any colour that might come out of yours or my bottom…

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