My Number is Up!…..

I am on a bit of a mission to completely decorate this house, not only in my own style, but also on a budget of almost nothing… We have all been told that money doesn’t buy happiness, or style… I am going to spend very little to make this house a place my kids and I love… The fact that my return to university will make frugal living a necessity is just a small part of the motivation… In the past I have always had my taste derailed by money and time issues.. a spouse with too much money and not enough time tends to result in mediocre compromises… This is really going to be a compromise free house… Love it or lose it!!!

Finishing projects is the aim at the moment… frequent followers/stalkers may remember a set of plain wooden numbers I picked up for a fifty cents a piece, though I am sure they sell something similar at craft shops for under $10….

A day of stupidly warm weather has inspired me to do a bit of painting, that and a desire to use up some of the supplies that I have, has resulted in some metallic numbers….

With a bit of tracing and a lino knife and some old scrapbook paper I set about making the inside a bit more luxurious… It may rarely be seen, but it would be a nice surprise if someone ever bothered to open one of the numbers up….

Painted the inside with two coats of deep red to complement the gold and rubbed the edges with burnt umber, glued and sanded edges of paper and repeat….

Leaving them to dry outside in this weather was very fast… great when you are an instant gratification  type of person… the school run and a cup of coffee later they were ready for the wall….

So an awkward empty corner gets a point of interest, the cost of which is probably less than $5 in materials total…. Even if you had to buy everything new, it would still be quite cheap to do….

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