Cough Mixture Cocktails….

MAN-FLU ALERT!!!! It may appear to be a minor cold to heartless outsiders, but to me it is a good excuse to sample out of date cough and sinus medication…. With the right mix it clears the nose and tastes like Jagermeister…. After two fingers of cold remedy, I had a nap… Not surprising…. I awoke to find myself out of children’s cough mixture so I headed out for coffee and codeine…. and I drew this…

So I decided to enjoy a bit of op-shopping while buzzing slightly from the sinus medication…. That may explain my new first aid cabinet? It also looks like it may be a good place to store vampire hunting equipment….

My head was clearing a bit by the time I got to the next charity shop… I found a coffee table…. needs some work to re-glue the leather, and a set of hinges all very minor stuff…. But I think it will fit in nicely…. and things will fit in it nicely too… Double duty furniture makes for a tidy house…

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2 thoughts on “Cough Mixture Cocktails….

  1. Samsara says:

    Ahhh you’ve made laugh (the first aid cabinet). I needed that.

  2. Perry Silverthorne says:

    Cough and phlem always go hand in hand. Most of the time it goes away after taking some vitamin-c and in some cases, antibiotics.”

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