Ye Olde Word a Day…..

Spent a little too much time in front of the fridge today…. only this time the door was closed…. I have banished the fridge magnets capable of holding up children’s artwork… I love my kids, but if they want their work displayed they can have an exhibition like every other artist….

An old box of magnetic Shakespearian words, many probably quiet risqué at the time…. I think I may institute a rule that my children can swear as much as they like…. but it needs to be a word on the fridge…. The idea of my children insulting their teachers with “Thou villianous reeling-ripe coxcombe!” is not going to worry me… I have met there teachers…. I don’t think they are fluent in old english, they are not much chop at the current versions either…

I think next time my daughters teacher lectures her on sun safety with age inappropriate melanoma stories I will let her respond with a bit of Henry V….

“Thine face is not worth sunburning!”

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