A Room of his Own……

Between 8am and 6pm means 5:45….. I will probably have a working foxtel box in 20 mins or so, according to scruffy looking guy who has been freaking out about the ouji bo board on the dining room table… I am suspecting he is working quite quickly to get out of here… What ever works….

So having to be home all day has resulted in having one room almost finished… I have one bare wall left…. But I know what I am doing with that, and it requires a trip to the dreaded bunnings hardware shop…. On a sunday morning…. I am happy with the rest of the room…. it is full of things I love without being crowded… It is comfortable and a relaxing place to be… It is a room that lives up to “lounge” status….

Loving the leather ottomans/pouffes…. One came from a garage sale site for $25 the other was an op shop find for $10…. In fact most of the things in this room are op shop or garage sale finds… The huge Flokati rug was $10 and the kids love it….

The teak side table was $5, the vintage file box was $2, the globe decanter was $20 but I had to have it…. The standard lamp was $10… I painted it black and stripped the shade and attached some old chandelier crystals that were sitting around in a box…..

A vintage glass test-tube in a wood stand and a small flower from the garden…..

Cosy little corner… vintage trunk from garage sale $50, wooden chess set from eBay  $20 and various other op shop items…

Not listing the prices for any other reason than to show that you don’t need to spend big money… Hell you don’t even need to spend ikea or target money to make a room something you want to spend time in… and I can be pretty sure I wont wander into someone elses house and see all the same items….

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