Waiting for Godot…..

Between 8am and 6pm….. Really? That is as accurate as the Pay TV installer gets apparently… Should I be grateful they at least narrow it down to a day? That my friends is whats known as a “First World Problem”… Having a rant about the amount of time I need to sit in my comfy house waiting for the installation of an item I do not require…. while war, starvation and the like ravage other parts of the world…

Not really trying to make a point, other than that things could be worse….

The photo for todays Photo a day challenge is Self Portrait…. While moving stuff around this picture fell out of a book….

This is from a photo booth…circa 1985. From fuzzy memories I think it was taken at Manly Pier…. That shirt was awesome…. Green with black sleeves…. I had one the same in pink…. It was the eighties and my girlfriend said I looked like Simon Le Bon…

Tonight was movie night…. The kids, a big bowl of pop corn and Labyrinth… Great movie, even with a goblin king that wears too much eye make-up (please ignore the amount of eyeliner in my self-portrait)….

Was great to spend some non-work time with the kids…. I always seem to be doing the school, bed and now homework drama…. That takes a lot of time… and without having them on the weekends I don’t get the fun stuff either… Maybe if the ex’s constant prophecies of work related doom come true (It was like living with chicken little) maybe she can have the kids during the week and I can be fun time parent?

But untill the sky falls I will continue doing what I do…. besides I am good at it most days….

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