You can Leave your Hat on…..

I no longer know how long it is since I had a full nights sleep…. and that’s never a good sign…. My daughter in particular has randomly woken me up between 10pm and 2am every night this week… various reasons, most real reasons…. no doubt brought on by the new school and move from the mountains…. Last night we had the, 5 year old who works out mortality… long night… I also got to the bottom of the recent horrid behavior, in its 2nd week now with no sign of let up in sight… Apparently I am being punished… For making us move from the mountains… apparently I am 100% to blame for making her move…. The annoying part of not being a complete shit? I can’t just say that it wasnt my idea…. Hard to resist in a sleep deprived state, but I did…

The knock on effect has been stagnation on the home front for me, wanted to be enjoying and doing by now… Instead I am getting bogged down in the details and that is slowing progress on the house as a whole…. So when in doubt buy a hat stand?


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