Pond Life…..

Getting my fake shark fin on…. snorkel on and off to swim in my pond…. cue cello….. Feeling a lot more positive about things today… even though I spent an hour trying to work out the puzzle that is my uni-course. One of those great headache inducing lists of subjects where you must choose a certain amount of courses from column A, B or C… but not more than X from A if you choose Y from either A or B unless you choose 1/2 X from C and B while standing on one leg on the third Tuesday of november in even-numbered years….

So I drew a happy picture and had a coffee to try stop my brain from being “attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis”….

Speaking from a purely psychological view-point that picture means I am on the mend… I will probably make many boring pseudo intellectual comments as the year goes on… Stick with me, I will get over it… A little light reading and I am done for the day….


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