Still awake hours after sensible people are asleep…. Work on the days everyone else takes off to get over the weekly grind…. I raise kids…. Even though sexist school teacher calls the ex when there is a problem… The irony of being a single dad… I bet no one ever refers to the ex as a weekend mum, no that title just applies to fathers…. Hilarious…. My sides just hurt….

Not a productive weekend house or art wise. Few roughs for a piece I promised to do for a friend…. I can see dragonflies are going to be the bane of my life… Well not really, because as insects go they certainly rock harder than butterflies…

One visit from a locksmith and once again I can access my garage… Which means I could get my chairs out….


I am working on the theory since I am more productive in cafe’s I will make an area that tricks me into thinking I am in a cafe…. Fancy coffee machine, chairs, tables, piped music and sail shades…. Everything but the bubbly teenager to make the coffee for me….


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