On Stranger Tides…..

The fourth day of the photo challenge…. It has made me a little introspective, and I guess thinking about things in a different way is the point… While involved in other tasks I was thinking about today’s subject “a stranger”. It got me to thinking about if me at sixteen meeting me now would qualify…. A year ago I probably would have been able to say no…. A year can be a very short time or a very long time. The last year was a very long one… I suspect some of the events of the past five years only really sunk in recently. Long term change doesn’t come from short term drama, I have had enough short term “life altering events” to know that’s a load of crap…. Change is possible, it is even possible if you don’t set out to achieve it… I wasted so many years trying to change by thinking my way into some logical or sensible course of action. It never stuck… It never would. Thinking is not compatible with change. Change is compatible with change.


The old Douglas Adams description of learning to fly comes to mind… You just throw yourself at the ground, and miss… Maybe that’s what I did… I have certainly never been more me… Shame it took so long to make myself a stranger.


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