House Warming…..

The outside of the house is getting very close to set up. Seating for at least 20, solar lighting gone mad. Vintage planter stone with a light buried in white quartz and few metal bits and pieces…..


If it would stop raining it might even get some use….

The inside of the house is moving a little slower. I have the practical things in place, but practical things are never going to make me smile. The editing of my worldly goods must have been more successful than I thought, there is very little in here at the moment that I will need to remove. A fifties cabinet that sort of worked in the last house is not working here…. So off to the shed and then to sale for it, I am pretty sure I know what needs to go there instead, but that will require paint…. and and therefore warm weather….

So I am stuck moving pictures around…. Stuck is probably not the right word, since I actually enjoy it. So people think a house without art is soulless…. I believe people who can live in a house with out art are soulless….


Maybe deep down my soul is a fifties comedy cowboy?….


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