Hip to be Square…..

Day two of being locked out of my own garage…. I didn’t mention day one, because not being able to open a garage door sounded like a bit of a first world problem…. Where as two days is totally worth a paragraph or two…

Being locked from a garage is mainly a problem if your vehicle is in it. Luckily my car was not inside at the time of catastrophic lock failure…. The reason for the outdoor car is that I stuffed almost half a house, in moving box form, in the garage.

The enormities of this struck me at 8am this morning, while getting the kids dressed for school. The box with children’s underwear is in the pile of imprisoned cartons…. Bugger! So this afternoon my son was forced to skip half an hour of precious video gaming time to come purchase new underpants. His requirements? Not brand, comic characters or size… But the undergarments must be orange.


And a coffee and small picture too… What a productive day….

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