Details & Devils…..

A productive day…..not super productive, just shuffling along, getting stuff done. Kitchen is now pretty much set up and unpacked. Bought a new kitchen stool, they only had the one… So if anyone can point me in the direction of a second I would be grateful…..


I now have tv points everywhere…. Turns out the arial repair guy the estate agent sent went to school with me…. So he did a nice job for little money. Got a couple of jobs booked in for next week already. Word gets around fast, a few invites for drinks and a couple of parties. Apparently I was missed, which is nice.

Even got a chance to have a quick coffee and scribble. Which was also nice. Though I might get more work done if people stopped chatting to me.



2 thoughts on “Details & Devils…..

  1. sigh says:

    Really beautiful Shayn. I’ve got a thing for paisley and spirals. 🙂

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